“Greenwich Ballet Academy has a professional but nourishing environment for young dancers.  Students participate in a focused program where they see quick progression of skills and technique, stemming from their hard work.  The program and teachers encourage and prepare students to do their best. Students are empowered with confidence, beautiful execution of skills, and a chance to perform twice annually to highlight their achievements and those of their peers.” 
~ Whitney R – Parent


“Even as a fourth grader, my daughter knew the difference between true classical ballet training and a recreational version that did not fulfill her. She asked for a change and we found GBA.  Six years later, she will not go anywhere else, despite the fact that she does not have ballet as a future goal, and the training is intensive. Knowing that she is doing something at the highest level of excellence simply fulfills, engages and maintains her feeling challenged.”
~ Anonymous – Parent


“The Greenwich Ballet Academy is an amazing dance school.  The classes are small and the students are friendly.  The teachers are very professional and give you the attention you need to improve your ballet technique.  The staff works very hard to organize special events for the students at GBA.  They allow the students to gain experience in the world of ballet.”
~ Melodie M. – Student


“Greenwich Ballet Academy has developed our daughter’s confidence, her physical strength and overall conditioning, and given her a place to reach goals and excel. It helps make her a stronger person, both physically and mentally.  The program has also given her a sense of “team” with her dance peers and has led to strong friendships.”  
~ Whitney R. – Parent


“My daughter entered ballet largely to gain strength and coordination.  Now, she carries herself with such poise and her technique is immediately recognized by professionals as having a flawless foundation.” 
~ Anonymous – Parent


“Greenwich Ballet Academy has strongly influenced my daughter’s love of dance.  GBA fosters a structured yet comfortable environment that enables a child to develop the skills necessary to fulfill a rewarding future in dance. The performances have an element of professionalism and sophistication, and enable a child to see beyond their current ability and strive towards their next level.” 
~ Carol M. – Parent


“GBA has helped me as a dancer by challenging my artistic abilities to become a better dancer.  It has also improved my musicality and timing skills.  GBA has also gotten me started on pointe.  Through my past few months at this magnificent school the teachers have helped e boost my dancing in the fields of ballet and character.”
~ Melodie M – Student


“Both performances were beautiful and highlighted our dancers excellent training.  Having two ABT dancers, Max and Irina, as guest artists was inspirational for both the students and the audience. The other guest artists included in both performances were an added treat for all.”  
~ Whitney R – Parent


“Every time I go to a GBA performances I am amazed at the quality of the performance.  It is not everyday that top ballet dancers agree to dance on the stage with students.  There is a reason why!”
~ Anonymous – Parent


“The Greenwich Ballet Academy performance was a fantastic performance.  This was my first performance with GBA and it was very organized.  The stage was wonderful and so were the dancers.  The excerpts from La Bayadère were performed beautifully by the students.  Irina Dvorovenko looked stunning with the dancers as well as the other guest dancers.  The performance really demonstrated the abilities of the students and showcased their talents brilliantly.”
~ Melodie M – Student


“GBA is the best thing that has ever happened to Greenwich”
~ Marianne W


“GBA has brought a level of rigor to my son’s ballet training that surpassed my expectations.  The expertise of the GBA faculty along with their high standards have made my son a better dancer and his goal of being a professional dancer is now within reach.”
~ Carissa G – Parent


“Since beginning GBA two years ago, our daughter has made tremendous gains from a technical perspective. However, as a parent observing our daughter acquire growth in her confidence on and off stage – we have noticed that this has carried over to all other areas in her young life. This has been the greatest gift she has received from GBA.”
~ Izabela O – Parent

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