Greenwich Ballet Academy announces 2014 Summer Intensive program dates

The award-winning Greenwich Ballet Academy (GBA) continues its tradition of excellence in dance instruction with the announcement of GBA’s Summer Intensive program dates for young students.

Beginning in June, the GBA – recently voted the best local ballet program by Serendipity magazine — will offer three different programs at the Port Chester studios at 181 Westchester Avenue. They’re designed for children ages 5 through 17, in age-appropriate peer groups with varying degrees of dance expertise.

“The academy seeks students whose love of the arts and natural abilities in dance are gifts to nurture and cultivate,” said artistic director Yuri Vodolaga, spokesman for the GBA, who stressed that new students are welcome to apply. “We have a history of attracting talented dancers who, with our intense training and skill development, go on to become highly successful dance professionals.”

The notable talents of GBA alumni have been advanced alongside internationally recognized dance masters, and Vodolaga welcomes this latest opportunity to create exceptional dance experiences for the smallest of GBA’s new students, too.

“It’s rewarding to see their confidence and their maturity develop, along with their poise as dancers,” Vodolaga said. “That’s one of the reasons we offer Summer Intensive at such specific age levels.”

The youngest of dancers are invited to enroll in the pre-academy “Princess & Princes” camp, with either one- or two-week sessions that begin June 16. These classes are designed for children ages 5 through 7, with preferential registration for current GBA students available through February 22. These sessions are $450 per week, or $850 if a student is enrolled in both weeks.

Beginning on June 30, there are also two three-week sessions planned for students ages 5 through 17. These students will be placed in one of three classes: Primary Dancers, Young Dancer or Intermediate Dancer. An additional two-week session in August is planned for Intermediate and Advanced dancers.Auditions are required for advanced dancers.

Primary Dancers may register for either the June 30 or July 21 sessions, with tuition at $1,200 or $2,000 for both three-week sessions. Young and Intermediate Dancers may register for the concurrent dates, with fees of $1,650 per session or $3,000 for both. Intermediate and Advanced dancers may register for the additional August Summer Intensive sessions at $1,100 for both weeks, beginning August 11.

New student auditions will be at 3:30 p.m. at the Port Chester studios on February 22, 2014, and are required for students in the Young Dancer and Intermediate Dancer classes. The young Pre-Academy and Primary dancers are not required to audition (unless they’re seeking advanced placement) and they will have shorter class days that run from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. All other classes continue until 3 p.m.

For more information about classes visit GBA Summer Intensive 2014 Programs, Pre-Academy Summer Intensive and GBA Early Prep Ballet Program.

Please call Brooke for more information or to register at: 914-305-4377
or email us at


About Greenwich Ballet Academy

The Greenwich Ballet Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) institution that nurtures talented dancers, ages 4-21, toward careers in classical ballet and contemporary dance with a unique emphasis on the Russian Vaganova method of instruction. GBA is the only school in the lower Fairfield and Westchester County area to offer this specialized type of training.

The professional faculty also provides classes in modern and character dance, and contemporary ballet. Small classes, taught by renowned professionals, ensure that each student is given the personal attention and instruction needed to reach her/his ultimate potential. The Academy takes great care in directing each of its students on an individual path toward excellence.

Our goal is to make classical ballet and contemporary dance accessible to any talented child with a dream of being a professional dancer, and to give each student an opportunity to acquire the needed skills and stage experience crucial to her/his future in dance.

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