(c) Photo by Matthew KarasNON-DISCRIMINATION


The Greenwich Ballet Academy is a not-for-profit organization. The Academy admits students of any race, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin and does not discriminate on the basis of such in administering its admissions policies and educational programs. Students are admitted to the Academy based solely on their merit and talents for ballet.


We maintain a zero tolerance policy toward any substance, legal or illegal, which could endanger our students and faculty, including cigarettes, drugs and alcohol and use of such will result in immediate expulsion from the Academy. A Student exhibiting eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia may be dismissed from the program if the disorder is not resolved within a reasonable timeframe as determined by the student’s physician.

A successful relationship between faculty and students is based upon mutual trust, honesty, respect and an ongoing dialogue. The Academy strives to maintain open communication with our parents regarding their child’s progress and the school’s policies, procedures and programs. Parent meetings are held throughout the school year to share information, solicit input, and discuss volunteer opportunities.

The faculty of the Academy is always available to meet with students and their parents to discuss matters of mutual interests.  We encourage those who are interested to do so to set up an appointment directly through our General Manager.


Our schedule is demanding, but this amount of training per week is typical for academies that seek to provide rigorous instruction and thorough preparation for professional careers in dance.  The Greenwich Ballet Academy’s intent is to offer the highest possible level of classical ballet training to all of its students.  It is our hope that students will take full advantage of the classes that the GBA offers.  Students who do not may find that they are inadequately prepared to participate in the academy’s end-of-semester exams and/or performances, and consequently may not be invited to participate in these activities.  Additionally, students who are unable to participate fully in the program may find that they will not be ready for promotion to the next level because they have not kept pace with the requirements of the program.

We hope that our students will do their best to attend all classes.  We understand, however, that some absences will be unavoidable.  When these occur, we ask that students and parents maintain open communication with our faculty.  Mr. Yuri Vodolaga may be reached at 917-292-4961.

Students/Parents must report all absences directly to the Director (914-305-4377) in a timely manner.  As always, attendance at technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals is mandatory for all students participating in performances.


We reserve the right to require the withdrawal of any student, for any reason.  Should a student wish to withdraw, a written notice is required from the student and his parent(s)/guardian.  Our policy is that tuition and fees are not reimbursed after the start of the first class in each semester.


Our policy is that tuition and fees are not reimbursed for any reason.