Alisher Saburov

Alisher SaburovAlisher Saburov was born in Tashkent Uzbekistan, and graduated the eight-year program at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and choreographic institute in Moscow, under Peter Pestov, Leonid Zhdanov, and Michael Krapivin. Upon graduation he joined the Moscow Festival Ballet as a Principal Soloist, and later at the Kremlin Palace Ballet Theatre, having worked with Yuri Grigorovich, Vladimir Vasiliev, Michael Lavrovsky, Vadim Tedeyev.
His roles span the entire classical repertoire, and he had toured the world before moving to the United States and was Principal with the Manassas Dance Company, later also as Ballet Master. He now teaches in numerous schools and is a very sought after Guest Master Teacher, and Choreographer. Besides specializing in classical technique, pointe, pas de deux, and male technique, he is also a specialist in character and folk dance.