About Greenwich Ballet Academy

Our Mission

(c) Photo by Denis Gronostayskiy

Greenwich Ballet Academy was founded in 2006 and is proud to be among the most prestigious and highly regarded pre-professional classical ballet academies in the United States. The Academy’s mission is to nurture talented young students toward  careers in professional ballet. The Academy takes great care in directing each of its students on an individual path toward excellence and  with an emphasis on superior technique, artistry and stage presence. GBA promotes this learning in a positive environment that develops not only exceptional dance skills, but overall health, fitness, self-confidence, and leadership.


A Time Tested Approach to Classical Ballet Training

Greenwich Ballet Academy’s program is inspired by the prestigious and historic Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Vaganova Academy has produced many of the world’s greatest dancers of the past and present including Anna Pavlova, Rudolph Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Diana Vishneva, Svetlana Zakharova, and Yury Grigorovich.

The core GBA curriculum has eight Levels, beginning with Level 1 (designed for 7-10 year olds), and progressing through Level 8 (average age 16-18 years old). In 2013, GBA began offering instruction for Pre-Academy students (children ages 5-7) and Early Preparation classes for our youngest dancers (ages 3-5).

The full curriculum for our most advanced students is approximately 20 hours of training /week technique and includes pointe, character, classical variations, conditioning, stretch, Master Classes and solo and partnered performance opportunities as determined by the Artistic Director. Stage experience is critical to our students’ success. GBA mounts a Nutcracker each December and a June Graduation Gala in which all students 4-18 perform.

Greenwich Ballet Academy is committed to a small class size for optimal personalized attention and instruction (average class size 12-14). Classes are taught by renowned professionals who have had successful careers and significant teaching experience.


GBA Faculty

Our faculty consists of full time and part time professionals with extensive classical and modern dance experience.  Read more about our current faculty members. Our faculty have performed in principal roles all over the world, and convey to the student all the essential elements of professional success inside and outside of the studio.  Many GBA students and graduates have gone on to join professional dance companies, win prestigious competitions, and have received college scholarships in dance, musical theater, and other fields of dance.


Master Classes & Workshops

Greenwich Ballet Academy has invited many renowned dancers and teachers to give master classes and workshops including:
• Cynthia Gregory
• Allegra Kent
• Susan Jaffe
• Irina Dvororvenko
• Maxim Beloserkovsky
• Natalia Osipova
• Keenan Kampa


Scholarship Policy for Boys

Boys in Levels 3-8 are offered partial scholarships based on age, experience and commitment.  Scholarships are offered and reviewed annually.  GBA is committed to recruiting and supporting boys who are interested in classical ballet training.


More about our Training Program

Curriculum Overview